Graduate Survey

ECC wants to be sure that our programs and services are meeting student needs and expectations.                                                                Based on your experience, tell us how we're doing by responding to the following questions. Please use a pencil to complete this form and do not staple or fold it. Thank you for your help and CONGRATULATIONS on your academic achievement!                                                                                                                                                                          

1. Year you will graduate:
5.Are you currently employed?
6.Is your current job in a field related to your course of study?
10.What were your goals (reasons) for attending ECC?
 Yes, a goal No, not a goal 
 To earn a degree, diploma, or certificate  
 To prepare for or get a new job  
 To improve my existing job skills  
 To transfer to a 4-year college or university  
 For personal interest only  
12.Did you accomplish your goal(s)? 
13.If you DID NOT accomplish your goal(s), was it because of any of the following reasons?
 Yes No 
 Job conflict  
 New employment  
 Financial hardships  
 Family circumstances  
 Joined the military  
 Child care problems  
 Medical problems  
 Moved to a new area  
 Lack of interest in pursuing course of study  
 Dissatisfied with college services  
 Dissatisfied with the quality of instruction  
15.How satisfied were you with the following programs and services at ECC?
 Very Satisfied Satisfied Neither Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied Not Applicable 
 Financial Aid      
 Student Support Services      
 Faculty Advising      
 Curriculum Learning Center      
 Tutoring Services      
 Career Development      
 Campus Technology      
 Classroom Facilities      
 Computer Lab Facilities      
 Other Lab Facilities      
 Campus Security      
 Student Activities      
 Hot Food (Tarboro Campus)      
 Quality of instruction in your specific program area courses      
 Quality of instruction in your other (General Education) courses      
 OVERALL quality of your specific academic program      
 OVERALL quality of the college      
16.Work Force Readiness:
 Yes No Unsure/Does Not Apply 
 Are you currently seeking employment?   
 Did your ECC courses improve your current job situation?   
 If you were to begin your studies again, would you choose to attend ECC?   
 Would you choose the same program of study?   
 Has your program adequately prepared you for an entry-level position in your field?   
 Has it adequately prepared you for any required licensure examination(s)?   
17.As a result of your General Education courses, do you feel competent in the following areas?
 Yes No Unsure 
 Communication Skills (Reading, Writing, Listening, & Speaking)   
 Mathematical Skills   
 Critical Thinking   
 Technological Skills   
 Global & Cultural Awareness   

Thank You

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